Debt recovery

Debt collection




Credit Management

We provide debt collection in Germany, legal debt recovery, debt management and debt restructuring, credit information services and skip tracing services. We also organize courses for credit management and debt collection services and our staff assists you during legal proceedings in Germany.

International debt collection

Our international debt collection service for Europe and Germany allows you to solve debt problems and improve collection ratings. We do commercial and consumer debt recovery for customers. A key part of our strategy is litigation with the aim to resolve or settle disputes or issues in a financially satisfactory manner for our client, and where possible and if it makes senses commercially, to re-establish the relationship.

Assistance with legal debt recovery

Our team can also assist you in legal proceedings all over Germany, if feasible and once it is clear that we have run out of amicable options for debt collection.
As every situation is different, and every debtor has its own particular legal forms, each time a file and documentation analysis will be done together with our German law firm, and you will be provided with an estimated budget for legal proceedings, prior to any legal actions being initiated.

Debt management

German law firms offer debt management and debt restructuring. They can negotiate on behalf of distressed companies who deal with creditors from multiple countries, for example from Germany, Romania or Austria to provide damage and risk management, to avoid escalation, and to find long lasting and sustainable solutions.
In this instance, the circumstances may require the creditor to initiate separate proceedings in each country and to file the respective claims. By way of example, insolvency proceedings in Germany indeed cover the company's assets worldwide. However, it is not possible to start insolvency proceedings in relation to the assets of the German subsidiary. This is because German law lacks the necessary international provisions. Therefore, proceedings initiated in Germany will solely be subject to German law.
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